Shantie Tedjal-Carroll

Menopause Mentor, Yoga teacher and advocate for women’s wellness

Shantie Tedjal Carroll is a qualified Hatha, Yin and Yoga for Menopause teacher, Menopause Mentor and co-founder of both the Cork Menopause Support Group on facebook and Women’s Shed Cork South Lee. Originally from The Netherlands Shantie has made Cork her home since 2004.

Shantie has 20+ years Yoga experience and also trained as a life coach to help mentor other ladies with midlife challenges.

When Menopause began, Shantie worked with her GP to find the best hormone supplements to combat an array of new symptoms. She firmly believes that healthcare professionals should always be consulted when a health crisis is experienced.

Through her work Shantie creates Yoga movement plans for midlife women, organises menopause workshops and hosts mini day retreats. All of these are designed to encourage women to move more mindfully and to understand how to effectively advocate for themselves so they may receive the healthcare they need and deserve in order to bloom during their second Spring.

Whilst yoga in itself is by no means a cure for ailments or diseases, Shantie believes that everyone can gain plenty of benefits from practising yoga and that both Yoga and Meditation are transformative practices that bring calmness, control and a greater sense of peace within one’s self. Yoga can become a guiding light, a compass for our lives.