Fania Stoney

Business Development Strategist, Great Place to Work

Fania Stoney is the Business Development Strategist with Great Place to Work. She is an experienced B2B strategist, leader and founder.

She works closely with organisations from a range of industries, maintaining collaborative relationships across multiple stakeholders to create Great Workplaces and high performing environments for employees. This involves analysis of data and the lived employee experience, benchmarking, and identifying current strengths and opportunities. Her passion is creating high performing work cultures where people thrive, and organisations sustainably deliver.

She is talent obsessed, a culture branding strategist, and an advocate for female leadership. She has a specific expertise in organisational culture, practices and change. She has spearheaded Ireland’s Best Workplace for Women for the past five years. This premium recognition awards organisations who, while creating a Great Place to Work For All, are focused on delivering for their female employees so they can build long lasting, fulfilling careers.