Dr Samantha Cushen PhD RD

Lecturer, Researcher and CORU Registered Dietitian at University College Cork

Dr. Samantha Cushen, PhD, is a CORU registered dietitian and a lecturer at University College Cork (UCC), where she plays a pivotal role in the MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme.

Her primary research area revolves around cancer survivorship, with a special emphasis on the impact of body composition on health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable groups such as cancer survivors.

Samantha has published numerous peer reviewed articles, has presented her research at international scientific meetings and her research has attracted a number of both national and international awards.

Samantha's recent research has delved into understanding menopausal symptoms in female cancer survivors. Notably, she is leading an innovative project to create the first-ever Irish nutrition guide tailored specifically for female cancer survivors dealing with treatment-induced menopause.

Samantha’s aim is to provide practical and evidence-based advice that assists these women in managing their nutritional needs during this challenging period, her goal being to bridge the information gap and create a valuable resource that supports the everyday lives of female cancer survivors facing menopause.